Engineering, Design offices, Manufacturing and industrial maintenance

Approvals & Certifications

In carrying out its work, ERGODEVELOPPEMENT™ undertakes to use qualified and approved personnel if required.

In this context, two companies in the ERGODEVELOPPEMENT™ group (Cocental and CMM) have been ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2014.


With regard to safety management, VK2M, one of the design offices of ERGODEVELOPPEMENT™, has been MASE certified since 2008. Recently, another company in the group, EGTIM, which specialises in welding, sheet metalworking, pipework and maintenance operations,has been MASE certified .

The workplace safety improvement manual (MASE) is a workplace safety management reference standard whose main objectives are:

  • Improve health and safety at the work station and in the environment through a management system appropriate to the company
  • Improve organisation and communication by improving employees’ working conditions
  • Manage workshop and jobsite risks