Engineering, Design offices, Manufacturing and industrial maintenance


ERGODEVELOPPEMENT™, a group specialising in turnkey projects, operates in numerous business sectors. This versatility along with the ability to listen to the customer’s needs are the real strength of our group.



Application in the automotive field

One of our companies has been a partner to a French leader in automotive construction since 1972. ERGODEVELOPPEMENT™ has maintained and developed this mutual trust.


ERGODEVELOPPEMENT™ also works with French industrial companies specialising in transport.


ERGODEVELOPPEMENT™ shares its know-how with large pharmaceutical groups particularly in the production of pipework or complete sets of pipes.


Whether in the realms of technical support (e.g. isometric process studies) or manufacturing ERGODEVELOPPEMENT™ can meet the needs of the chemical industry.


Since 2013, one of the companies of the ERGODEVELOPPEMENT™ group has been a partner of a large group specialising in the energy field.

couvercle chaudronnerie

Reconditioning a cover


ERGODEVELOPPEMENT™ works with a number of customers in the steel industry.


For a number of years, the ERGODEVELOPPEMENT™ group has been implementing solutions for industrial companies in the environmental sector.
ERGODEVELOPPEMENT™ works in partnership on operations to dismantle chemical sites (destruction, decontamination of soils) but can also carry out studies and manufacture pipework for water treatment stations.